Facts About John Simms “aka Dr. John or Simms”

John Simms has been compared to Mr. Miyagi, Tony Robbins and Robert Cialdini by some of his clients.

John proclaims to be a renaissance man due to his multipotentiality. He possesses 5 degrees that includes 2 Ph.D.’s in counseling and business.

John specializes in life and business strategies, sales and marketing mastery, personal development, advanced and eclectic psychologies, integrative medicine, etc.

John was mentored by a well known person in advanced psychology. He also received advice from a close family friend who is a successful businessman and self made millionaire.

John is a former Freemason. When active, he was an Investigative Committee member for his lodge and a Board of Director, Vice President and Chairman of the Audit Committee for the Temple Association.

John’s first real estate deal obtained 100% return on investment. He also focuses on other unorthodox money making approaches that are legitimate.

Nowadays, John lives off investments, helps small businesses, counsels and mentors people and from time to time conducts speaking engagements.

Dr. John Simms is also known as Dr. John or Simms.