Here are some, but not limited to the following testimonials, opinions, statements, feedback and recommendations that pertains to Dr. John Simms: 

John Simms Being Compared To Famous People

Another Tony Robbins – Laura S.


Robert Cialdini on steroids – Derek G.


You remind me of Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid – Justin L.

Business Testimonials, Feedback, Opinions, Statements and Recommendations Regarding John Simms

Matt T.

John is an amazing person and businessman. It’s not everyday you meet someone like him – Paul T. Music Central’s Media Personality


My name is Joseph McGinnis and I am writing this recommendation for Dr. John Simms. I have a great deal of respect for John and I admire his vast knowledge, authenticity and success. For several years, John and I have worked on many projects together and I know what he’s capable of. I can honestly say that I personally know John more than most people. He treats his business partners the same as his own family. I would highly recommend John to anyone and I’m proud to call him my friend.

John Simms is a marketing and selling genius – Craig Sch.

John helped me outsmart and outperform thousands of real estate agents in my area – Anonymous

Sales are up big time thanks to you – Jennifer R.

From now on, you’re my right hand business man – Matt T.

John, I wanted to touch base and say thanks for fixing our problem – Andy K.

Thank you for getting us on channel 5 news – Christine J.

Personal Testimonials, Opinions, Statements and Feedback Regarding John Simms

John is the smartest and most interesting person that I’ve ever known – Brian S.

Very few people impress me, John Simms is one of them – Angie J.

Jack of all trades and a master of many – Shawn D.

A diamond in the rough – Dean R.

I appreciate you helping me when no one else would. I can’t thank you enough – CJ

Speaking Engagements, Event and Party Remarks 

Life changing – Chris E.

Impressive – Randy H.

Loved the experience –  Kim B.

I’m glad we did the house party. Everyone had a great time. We’ll have to do this again – Heather G.

I liked how you got everyone involved – Paul P.

Awesome – Amy M.

Informative and entertaining – Joe R.